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Our Services

 We specialize in corporate transformations. We build systems to help your company shift to data-driven decisionmaking models using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science.


Technological innovation through automation has changed the decisionmaking landscape of many industries and companies. Where leaders could once understand their industry from static processes and historical data, we have now entered an era in which companies must adapt and change to keep up with rapidly changing industry innovation. 

It isn't always easy to inform strategic decisions-- going from static processes arbitrated by humans, to dynamic, ever improving, adaptable loops that iterate and improve on themselves over time is complex. However, change has become constant and never ending, and improvement must now also be just as dynamic. 

That's where Core Convergence comes in.

Our Methodology



Understanding Our Customers

Our team of consultants starts by assessing what each individual client is currently doing and why they’re doing it that way. We understand leadership and team goals, and assess where the combination of technologies and processes should change.


Building Iterative Loops

We redefine each client’s static processes as dynamic discovery loops. We use standard models from the data science world (such as OODA and OSEM loops) that we have adapted for this purpose. We begin with generic discovery loop models and refine them to more accurately and effectively solve client problems. We test our model and gather data to see where it can be made better. From this information, we then create much more specific, tailored, and tuned models to solve client issues.



We train company staff to constantly assessing these iterative loops,  and help teams adapt to whatever the challenges of the company may be. We hire and train staff with constant improvement in mind, and we structure and define political and management systems within the company that support and encourage dynamic feedback and adaptation.